PixelsLAB is a studio lead by Tarik Kustura, a designer and artist in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina who works principally in the field of architecture that is a result of almost a decade of close cooperation among several expert designers and architects.

Tarik has an undergraduate degree in architecture from Sarajevo University of Architecture where he also got his Master of Architecture professional degree.

Since graduating Tarik has progressed through various firms, personal projects and freelance opportunities to become a full time designer and developer with his PixelsLAB concept and partnership with a Sarajevo based interior design and furniture production company, PINUS d.o.o.

At PixelsLAB we are committed to providing professional, innovative and quality designs focusing on the entity of design and construction with in-house expertise, including:

• Conceptual and Full Architectural Working Drawings
• Interior / Exterior Design and Consultation
• Landscape Design
• Full 3D Interior / Exterior Renderings
• Retouching and Enhancing images
• Logo Design
• Business Cards Design

If you have any questions or suggestions, or you want to use PL’s services, let us know.